Monday, August 18, 2014

Whole squad on that real sh**

(She went 0 to 100, real quick) 

"Could it be the way, I'llll catch up." As the jam's played the night carried laughs and all that great stuff you expect to have the night before you head back off to college. Some things never change man, sometimes you link up with those old friends and you pick up right where you left off. That's how you know its real. Tonight's "lituation" consisted of good take out, good music and good conversation. "Do you think Drake is soft?" Yes lol Drake is a soft a** rapper, but he's still good. "What about J. Cole? I love J.Cole." *Emily voice* I wanted to say no lol I really did, but Cole is a genius. I learned of J.Cole through love, so I have much love for his music. We went from rappers to politics, to a crazy video on youtube of a lady pepper spraying this rude D-bag in the check out line (crying it was so hilarious). Friends come few and far between and real ones even harder to come by. Know them when they show up in your life, they're probably there for a good reason.. You might have those friends that bring you Japanese food when your car is busted or that friend that hooks you up with free cable, but all in all thats your friend.. As SZA carried us through the night, I knew that I made the right choice all those years ago on choosing these two hot babes as my homies. I'll be missing you, but I must get back to trappin in Tampa. Much love. 

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