Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tip Toe'n in my Superstars..

Well, this is long overdue. This is my sweet pad, I dig it a lot. Although it's small, I figure I should get use to it now, because wherever I chose to live after college is probably gonna be just as cramped with hella roommates. Moving in was rather easy, we sprayed the hell out of the mattress with bed bug spray and put an allergen cover on top of that. All of these precautions were necessary because, I am not having that bed bug situation, no ma'am. On another note, I am falling into my second week of school and so far it's good. I'm human, so I can't help but wonder what it'll be like when college is over and that true adulthood kicks in, am I going to be ready or am I going to make it? Those are just a few questions that cross my mind. I'd be lying if I said I 100% believe that everything is going to go accordingly. I am prepared to fail a few times, but only with reassurance that one of those times will be the last time. There's some things that I just expect to go down easy and other things I expect to have to work extremely hard for and I'm willing and able so, it's pretty much time to go to work. As funny as those guys seem that say, "no days off" and "no sleep", it really is important. Someone out there is working just as hard as me and another person is out there working harder than me. I want to get to where I wanna go and the only person that can stop me, is me. This really went far far away from just showing you my room, aha. But ya'll need to hear this mannn, get out there and do the work.

Oh I did a lil shopping, aha. I picked up a pair of original adidas.  I really thought I had a "shoe game", but I don't. It's really people out here with a crazy shoe game. I can't afford to be looking that fly, so I'll be looking affordable fly (lol). 
Be easy, 


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